Boudoir 101

So you’ve downloaded the Boudoir app and are ready to begin cataloging your wardrobe. You’re basically one bubblegum smack away from being Cher Horowitz.

Nobody said being this fashionable was easy, but we’ve got some tips to help make your Boudoir set up as easy as possible. So invite over a friend to catch up on Orange is the New Black, and enjoy finally turning your brain off from the work week to revel in the wonders of your wardrobe. It’s your style — you deserve to enjoy it :)

1. Pick a good movie to watch or Album to listen to

Right now we’re loving these playlists.

Don’t Stop Get It Get It (thRowBacks)
Hanging Out and Relaxing

And if you’re not caught up on The Mindy Project yet, then wake up and get on it like, yesterday:


2. Find a backgdrop for your fashion photography


Use a door hook or hanger to turn the back of your plain door into a backdrop for your items. Lay shoes across your comforter or a white sheet to display a front and side view.

Tip: Do you use a mattress cover? Their stark-white color make them amazing for fashion photos!

3. Tag your items by themes and styles – and USE COMMAS!


We find it most helpful to tag our items not only by color or brand, but also by the style or feeling they embody. For example, I got invited to a #throwbackthursday party last week, and I decided I wanted to look like a funky child of the disco ages. When building my outfit, I searched for “70s” so I could find any item in my closet that remotely gave me the feeling of being a Dancing Disco Queen. I had tons of combos to work with — much more than the single psychedelic sleeved dress that initially came to mind. I had sequined tops, an old pair of bell-bottoms, and a ton of headscarves I completely forgot about. Suddenly mixing-and-matching is fun again, quite unlike the mix-and-match activities going on in the bikini section at Target.

The general rule here: Tag like you talk about your clothes. That will be the most helpful in your wardrobing ventures.

4. Don’t get overwhelmed!

You don’t have to finish it all tonight, and you don’t have to get it totally right the first time. But when you do finish — it’ll be like that spring cleaning feeling when you finally drop of the last bag of clothes at Good Will. And hey, while we’re at it, maybe all this sorting will inspire a little shedding of unnecessary items and a donation box of your own.




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