Meet Hanna, Boudoir super user

Meet Hanna, Boudoir super user

If there is anything we love more than a freshly organized closet, it’s our fellow female entrepreneurs. Meet one of our first super users, Hanna, who runs the online shop Paisley Row

hanna“Shopping for and wearing vintage clothing and accessories has been a passion my mom and I have shared for many years. We ended up with a huge collection of vintage clothing and slowly the idea of opening an online vintage shop took shape.” says Hanna.
We’re so happy to have Hanna as one of our first users, we asked her a few questions about her closet and her experience as an entrepreneur.


What are the top three items in your closet?
Its hard to narrow it down to just three but right now it would be my long sleeved Misfits top, houndstooth slasher skirt, and black leather skirt.
houndstoothSkirt leatherSkirt misfitsShirt


What’s something you own that you never wear but you wish you did?
I have a vintage 1930’s dress that I never wear because I don’t want to ruin it


What’s the versatile item in your closet?
My black lace racerback


Fess up, do you have anything with tags still hanging in your closet? You ever going to wear it?
Nope, when I get anything new I am so excited I want to wear it ASAP :D


What’s something that Boudoir helped you remember you had?
Probably over half my closet ;)


What’s your favorite fashion decade?
1990’s grunge styles, and 60’s mod is a close second


Whats one current trend that you wish would go away?
Peplum anything……sorry!


What trend do you wish would come back?
You cant beat scrunchies, they are cute and don’t damage hair


Any fall fashion tips?
Put your focus on finding a good, versatile coat and boots to be your fall closet straples, before you look for anything else. These are my must-haves.


What advice would you give other female entrepreneurs?
My advice to other female entrepreneurs is to keep pursuing your dream. If you work through the tough times and keep going, it will pay off as long as you keep your mind set on the goal.


You can find Paisley Row on Instagram and Twitter, we wish Hanna the best of luck!

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