Weekly Style Steal : Flannels & Textures

Weekly Style Steal : Flannels & Textures

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Photo / Flannel dress / Black combat boots / Black sunglasses /Black leggings  / Black leather jacket


Happy weekly style steal ladies!

We are back with another awesome look, today we take a look at Kourtney Kardashian – who out of all the Kardashian sisters is a personal favorite. From her crazy attitude to her chic, edgy style – she is even stylish when she is pregnant.


Flannels are so in right now – they’re so stylish and keep you warm throughout the day/night!

I love this outfit  – she paired her long flannel with a leather jacket. I think outfits with different textures are always so fun and add dimension to the whole look. This outfit is something I would totally wear, it has the right amount of edge and is  perfect for a daytime casual look.


However, I love black on black, I did think it had too much black – so I changed the black and white flannel, to a red/navy more fitted flannel. It also accentuates your waist line which is always plus, when your wearing something a little more baggy. Of course, like every style steal, you can always change up certain pieces to make it more you – instead of combat boots you can add flats, riding boots, or even some pumps. It’s completely versatile and have fun with it. Though,  I do recommend keeping that leather jacket - it’s perfect! You can add it with other pieces you have your closet for a more textured look and it’s definitely a nice change from wearing your everyday jacket.


The flannel is the main piece here too – there are so so many types of flannels to pick from- so many colors too, and you pretty much can find them everywhere, from Target to Nordstrom – it’s also such a huge must have for fall/winter, it keeps you warm all season long!


What is your favorite flannel this season? If you have your favorite leather jacket already, what do you like paring it with? Share your favorite styles with us using the #StyleSteal tag, and tag us on @Boudoirapp  .  Don’t forget to connect with us on Twitter and Facebook – and stay updated on everything Boudoir!




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