The girl behind the pink app: Meet Celeste

The girl behind the pink app: Meet Celeste


Hi ladies,

Today I wanted to do something rather different — here at Boudoir we are focusing on having the best connection with you guys!  I set up a Q&A with the founder of Boudoir, Celeste Cefalu. She wears many hats and has a huge passion for this amazing app — constantly working on Boudoir to ensure everyone has an amazing experience and truly revolutionzing  the way we orgazine our wardrobe!


Check out what she said:



Samantha: In a nutshell, what is boudoir?

Celeste: Boudoir is a virtual wardrobe app. My vision is to create digital tools to help us manage our personal style better. Sometimes I find myself buying the same kind of things over and over, and I’d like to be able to be more strategic about what I purchase and how I wear the items I own.

S: What was your inspiration for creating boudoir? How long were you thinking about it?

C: I know for a fact that I’m not the only one that started thinking of something “like” Boudoir in 1994 when Clueless came out. The main character has a piece of software that helps her get dressed in the morning. Years went by, and I’ve made my career out of designing digital products for all sorts of brands and uses. The concept of Boudoir always sat in the back of my mind. I always felt that even if I were the only person to use the product, it would be worth it to build it.

S: What was the turning point that moved you in action to create boudoir?

C: I’d always toyed with the idea of building Boudoir on the side, and I’d have to say the turning point was in 2013 when I took a programming class at General Assembly and just started building it. I just got sick of talking about my idea and needed to put words into action, and at the end of the day the only person who could do that was myself.

S: How do you stay so confident considering Boudoir is brand new on the market?

C This is a great question…it’s HARD! Any entrepreneur will tell you that some days you feel like you’re ready to conquer the world, and other days you just want to curl up and cry. The key is to ride out the ebbs and flow and stay focused on your vision. For some people success happens over night, that’s the exception and not the rule. I believe that persistence and determination will lead to success and I’m just going to keep following that path.

S: Do you use boudoir, and how has is benefited your daily life?

C: I do use Boudoir (of course:). When I wake up in the morning I can quickly scan my items on my phone to see what jumps out as me for what I want to wear that day. It has replaced the activity of going into the closet and fumbling through items. It’s really just the beginning though, we’re working on features that will do more than change the way you get dressed in the morning.

S: How do you think Boudoir’s future will look?

C:  Well, I’d like to speak more broadly and not just about Boudoir. I believe in the future we’ll have more awareness of the things we own, like our clothing. Right now,we have great control over our digital information, but I think this will extend to physical objects….and soon. With Boudoir, I’d love to optimize every day scenarios like…I love this top I got, but I have no idea what to wear it with, or I always wear it with the same thing, or I’ve worn it to death. Pairing it with something new, or purchasing a piece of jewelry that gives it a whole new look, those are the things that Boudoir can facilitate to open up a whole new dimension to the way we dress.

S: What is your typical day look like at the Boudoir office?

C:  Well, I’d have to say there really is no typical day! But at the moment, we’re very focused on making our product better and designing the next version of the app, so a lot of time is spent working on designs and with engineers to build these new features. We’re growing, and part of that is bringing on new teammates….like you!

S: How would you describe your personal style?

C:  My personal style really depends on the type of day or occasion. When meeting with clients or business partners, I love a more structured look, cropped skinny pants and a blazer over a flowy tank. For special occasions I also love a structured look in dresses, my current favorite is Ted Baker. But if you catch me on a day where I’m going through code and trying to fix bugs….I’m in a tank top and Paige jeans.

S: Who/what is your daily inspiration?

C: Every day I’m inspired by the entrepreneurs I come across following their passion, building new businesses and trying to change the world. It’s audacious, to try to come up with something that changes the way people do things. Rejection is not scarce, and I’m inspired by people who still get up every day and get after it.

S: What is your advise to young women out there trying to bring their ideas to life, just like you.

C: Don’t be afraid! This whole world is designed by people who had the courage to pursue their ideas. You might fall along the way, but be brave and I truly believe that you will achieve your dreams in the long term



Have a great day ladies,

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